What's the future of student recruitment, post-coronavirus?

Dave Musson | bio

16:30 (London) - 11:30 (New York) - 08:30 (Vancouver) - 01:30 (Sydney)

Is virtual recruitment here to stay? Online recruitment methods, particularly those utilising current students, have been thrust to prominence as a result of COVID-19. The realisation of the importance of these methods for institutions is of central importance as the sector enters a long recovery period and re-calibrates with a view to the next 5-10 years. There is no going back! This session will highlight who has adapted well and outline the key principles of how to successfully take your recruitment strategy online.



  1. A better understanding of how to make a success of virtual student recruitment

  2. The tools you need to help you do it well 

  3. great examples to look to for inspiration.