Digital Intelligence: COVID-19 in Higher Education

Kara Finnerty | bio

Michael Volpato | bio

15:00 (London) - 10:00 (New York) - 07:00 (Vancouver) - 00:00 (Sydney)

Brandwatch is a digital consumer intelligence company that brings structure and meaning to billions of online conversations to help organizations make smarter decisions. To do our part to support higher education institutions during this challenging time, we’ve done an in-depth COVID-19 analysis to help understand how the virus has affected colleges and universities. Join our talk to hear about the insights we've discovered to help you make informed decisions that are for the best for your school and campus during this time of uncertainty. We'll also provide information on how to get access to and use our free COVID-19 dashboard which includes real time insight into the COVID-19 impact on higher education and a customized analysis of your school specifically.

Key takeaways

  1. Understanding of digital consumer intelligence and it's important role in higher ed

  2. COVID-19 Insights: how it's affected Higher Education to date, high level industry insights from a Brandwatch Analyst

  3. COVID-19 free Dashboard overview & how to get access