A comparison of digital alumni (community) engagement from UK and USA HEIs

Kezia Falconer | bio

Martin Sickafoose | bio

14:00 (London) - 09:00 (New York) - 06:00 (Vancouver) - 23:00 (Sydney)



Join Martin Sickafoose, Purdue, and Kezia Falconer, University of Glasgow, as they share findings from their recent research into Alumni Engagement strategy. Which platforms work best? What ways to engage are institutions offering their alumni? And what can we learn from what the US and UK do differently? 


This is a data-driven session bringing you up to date and exclusive insight into this area – never published before.


You’ll leave with

  • Access to all the stats you need to prove to your boss you’re right

  • Benchmarking data to inform your future strategy

  • Models of best practice and inspiration that you can replicate tomorrow

  • An invitation to keep the conversation going so that you’re never screaming ‘why doesn’t anyone listen to me!!!!’ alone, again.