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13:00 (London) - 08:00 (New York) - 05:00 (Vancouver) - 22:00 (Sydney)

That doesn't sound like me... | Cat Prill


Consistency in tone of voice amidst a global pandemic


  1. Why it’s important to be consistent with ToV

  2. How to sustain your ToV

  3. Know when to abandon your ToV

Student Storytellers/Award winning stories | Tony Sheridan



UL won best snapchat in Ireland at the 2018 national social media awards and best Instagram in Ireland 2019. When the 2020 awards will take place we don't know but in our heavily biased view we would have won best TikTok in Ireland after growing from 68 followers to 19,000 in one semester. We know how to tell stories, good stories, in the right way to serve out institutional objectives and working with students is vital to that. This talk will offer you the knowledge we've learned from our wins and things we got really wrong since the UL student social media officer programme started in 2016.


  1. How to build good relationships with your students and why they are vital

  2. The main similarities and differences between Snap, IG and TT

  3. How to get TikTok right

Are we down with the kids? | Rebecca Roberts


Some of the latest data on Gen Z and Alpha from across education, health, media interests and habits that might be useful to think about when developing marketing and communications campaigns. What the past year and lockdown tells us and some of the big questions for the coming months.


  1. What some of the biggest challenges facing children and young people in the UK are. 

  2. How some of the most disadvantaged young people are getting a raw deal. 

  3. When we know more about some the issues surrounding young people, can we better engage them through our work?