Social Media for Academics

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11:00 (London) - 06:00 (New York) - 03:00 (Vancouver) - 20:00 (Sydney)

Empowering academics on social media. How to do it and why it matters.

| Dr Carla Banks

Social media can be a brilliant tool for research engagement and building academic reputation. Empowering researchers to embrace social media in ways that work for them is not only important for their personal research goals, but also the institution. With that in mind, how do we support researchers to realise its full potential? In this talk, I share how working closely with academic colleagues at the start of their journey to develop a strategy, set objectives and plan content empowers them to utilise social media as an important part of the research process.

LinkedIn is Great for Faculty and Their Universities, Here’s Why and How to Get Started | Jennifer van Alstyne

In this talk, I highlight the top benefits LinkedIn can bring for your graduate students, faculty, and researchers and how it helps universities grow their larger communities online.

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for networking, and connecting with people around the world. I’m sharing easy changes your faculty can make to better manage their online presence with LinkedIn. And, why these changes benefit universities like yours.

It's not all selfies and influencers. How to build meaningful networks and increase your impact on Instagram | Mel Bruce

Twitter and LinkedIn are the most popular social media platforms for Academics because they have a much more serious image. But Instagram isn’t all selfies and influencers, it’s a place for meaningful connections through visual content. In this talk I’ll discuss why Instagram could be a good fit for you to build your network and increase your impact.