Empowered stakeholder engagement 

Tracy Playle | bio

Mike Powers | bio

Erin Supinka

Erikka Misrahi 

00:00 (London) - 19:00 (New York) - 16:00 (Vancouver) - 09:00 (Sydney)

Stakeholder engagement is such an important part of all of our work... from getting buy-in to enlisting others to create or share content to controlling how others around your institution might represent (or even damage) your brand. But it can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle and leave us feeling exhausted and disempowered. 


In this panel, Erikka, Erin, Mike and Tracy will share some hints and tips for coming at stakeholder engagement from a more empowered place. From self-coaching techniques to boost your confidence or manage your imposter syndrome, to techniques for really understanding your internal stakeholders; from getting good with being triggered by other people, to having messy and difficult conversations. We’ll dive into the warts and all of what great stakeholder engagement really looks like, and how to totally boss it!