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23:00 (London) - 18:00 (New York) - 15:00 (Vancouver) - 08:00 (Sydney)

How 2020 Graduation Stretched Us | Jon McBride


Managing empathetic-yet-celebratory graduation content amid a pandemic wasn’t exactly something in our job descriptions, but a lot of us ended up innovating in new and different ways that had a gratifying payoff and will benefit us in creating future graduation content. In this Pecha Kucha session, we’ll examine how that happened, why that happened and what it teaches us moving forward.

Making Space for a Culture of Accessibility + Inclusion | Erika Boltz


At the heart of community is a need to be accepted as we are. We need to make space for inclusion by making sure everyone can access our content. Social media platforms are notorious for dysfunctional (or non-existent) accessibility features. With this in mind, there are things we can do as content creators to create accessible digital communities.​