How do you make your virtual events stand out in a saturated online market?

Laura Youens | bio

20:30 (London) - 15:30 (New York) - 12:30 (Vancouver) - 05:30 (Sydney)

Taking your events online has become a necessity in the current climate. But how do you make sure these events stand out? How do you make sure you aren’t just recycling the same thing each time? And how do you transport the ‘essence’ and community of your university online?


Laura Youens works alongside institutions at Unibuddy to help them develop digital peer to peer platforms and run virtual events throughout the year. In this session, she will give an insight into how the sector has adapted over the last couple of months and what a 900% increase in the use of the Unibuddy Live Events feature has taught us. Laura will be offering some guidance on how to make your virtual events stand out in the new world of digital and as we move forward and look to a world post-COVID how the sector can and should continue to utilise digital at every stage of the student journey