The platform behind All Day All Night: Unibuddy Live

"Working with the Unibuddy team and using Unibuddy Live helped us turn our conference into an interactive event and not just another 'Zoom' webinar. The option of having features like break-out rooms, direct messaging and chat in addition to live streaming video all in one place helped us keep our audience engaged though-out." - Dan Marrable, ADAN20 Co-organiser

The team behind ADAN knew they wanted to deliver a 24 hour conference, digitally, with higher ed professionals from around the world.

The question was: how?

There is plenty of software out there for hosting virtual events and running video streams, but none of it quite delivered what they wanted.

Webinar software, such as Zoom, is great for one-to-many sessions. But it isn’t the most interactive. It’s perfect for delivering a single session and taking questions, but it doesn’t quite deliver the ‘social’ atmosphere you get at an in-person event.

Streaming platforms like YouTube have the same problem. It’s easy enough to go live, but it’s hard to interact with your audience, and it’s nearly impossible for your audience to interact with one another.

As one of the first sponsors for the event, we had the solution: our platform allows the whole event to take place all in one place, in the attendees’ browser.

Unibuddy Live allows you to stream video, run numerous sessions throughout the day - and it is all built around a clean chat interface that lets attendees interact with organisers and each other.

Unibuddy Live was built for Higher Education, so it is perfect for universities. Rather than just ‘attendee’ and ‘organiser’, you have the option to add staff and student ambassadors with profiles and direct messaging capabilities. The set-up is simple, and you can edit the event even while it was ongoing - making changes to session descriptions or timings.

And the results are clear.

For a start, event organisers like ADAN get more attendees. Without asking people to travel, you can promote an event more widely to countries that would never be able to attend in-person. A 24 hour conference attracting professionals from the US, Australia and Europe would just not be possible in person!

You also get more insight into what attendees did and thought – with a full transcript, you can look back on every question and conversation and gain an insight that would otherwise be impossible from a physical event. And for universities that use Unibuddy Live, they benefit from Unibuddy’s Machine Learning technology that automatically generates insights into those conversations – whether there are 10s of messages or 1000s – so you can see exactly what your students care about and when.

And, it’s more effective. During ADAN, attendees were engaged throughout the whole event, connecting with each other and chatting to speakers during the event and after.

We hope you enjoyed seeing the Unibuddy Live platform in action during the All Day All Night conference. If you’d like to see how it could work for your institution, book a demo and see it in action.

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